Saturday, 1 June 2013


This blog intends to document & record the repair and restoration of a set of vintage Serge and Driscoll panels.
These panels were mostly built by Warren Burt with others built by Julian Driscoll back in the 70s and early 80s.
The panels contain a typical array of the 1st generation Serge modules and standard Driscoll modules, plus a few unique modules either designed & built by Warren Burt or designed by Warren Burt and built by Julian Driscoll.

Aside from the rarity of early Serge and Driscoll synths, these particular panels represent an important chapter in Australia's electronic/experimental music history......and they sound great!!
The new owner wants these brought back to working order without altering the appearance or sound, so no cleaning the grime off the panels and no subbing in high spec op amps. several modules no longer work and need some TLC. One thing I will be doing is replacing all the tantalum caps with regular electros, I hate tanties.

Mostly this blog will contain photos of dusty old circuit boards, some descriptions of circuits and their functions and possibly some schematics.

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